Networking and Volunteering Activity (Build Your Professional Network)

To complete this requirement, you may participate in Mentor Match, or other CoreNet Gobal volunteer activities. Contact for assistance with identifying activities appropriate to you to meet this requirement. Note: Typically Membership is required to participate in the CoreNet Global Mentor Match program. However, non-member QPCR subscribers are eligible to participate in Mentor Match and select volunteer opportunities.


Download QPCR Activity Confirmation Form
Open to download resource.
Open to download resource. Download your QPCR Activity Confirmation form here.
Verification of Requirement Completion
Agree to terms to continue.
Agree to terms to continue. Register for Mentor Match or participate in 15 hours of professional networking/association volunteer hours. Contact for assistance with selecting activities. To verify completion, download the QPCR Activity Confirmation form, fill it out and upload it here.
Upload your completed QPCR Activity Confirmation form
Graded as Pass/Fail
Graded as Pass/Fail
Develop Professional Network Evaluation
4 Questions
Credits Earned
15.00 hours credits  |  No certificate available
15.00 hours credits  |  No certificate available