Learning Center Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I login to learn.corenetglobal.org?
A: Use the same login credentials as for www.corenetglobal.org

Q: How do I find courses to take?
A: There are several strategies for finding courses. You can 1) browse by type (On-Demand, Virtual Seminars, In-Person); 2) you can search by keywords (Type a term over the word "keyword" in the bottom left column); 3) or by the Catalog link on the menu bar.

Q: I enrolled in a course. Where do I go to access it?
A: All of the courses you are enrolled in are listed under the Dashboard link on the blue menu bar. You must be logged in for this menu item to be visible.

Q: I'm not in the QPCR or MCR program. What Courses can I take?
A: You may take any course that interests you. There are three exceptions: Workplace Strategy Methodologies, Workplace Strategy in Practice, and Capstone: Leadership & Strategy. These three courses build on the content from other courses and must be completed in order. 

Q: I am a QPCR candidate. How do I find which courses I need to take?
A: QPCR candidates: Click on QPCR in the blue menu bar and select from the drop down list to enroll in Corporate Real Estate Knowledge and Business & Leadership Skills courses. In addition to completing 30 and 35 hours in each of these areas respectively, QPCR candidates must also participate in networking & volunteering activities to develop a professional network. If you enrolled in the QPCR program from your DASHBOARD, select Designations, and More Information to see your courses. Learn more about QPCR

QPCR Professional Designation FAQ 

These questions were submitted to learning@corenetglobal.org by QPCR participants. (Updated May 7, 2020)

Q: I enrolled in a course that is at an inconvenient time.  How do I unenroll from a course?  
A: Our system does not allow participants to unenroll themselves from courses. Please send the name of the course you wish to cancel to learning@corenetglobal.org and we’ll take care of it for you.

Q: When do new courses get added? I noticed some courses are not currently scheduled.
A: QPCR offerings are ever-changing. We rotate the virtual course offerings every few months to keep the content fresh and relevant. Seminars that receive the best response from attendees are offered more frequently.  

Q: How many live QPCR courses do I need to take?
A: QPCR candidates will need to take a minimum of four live virtual (four-hour) courses in order to complete the program - two Corporate Real Estate Knowledge courses, and two in the Business and Leadership Skills courses. You may take as many as you like to fulfill your requirements in each category.

Q: What is the best way to keep track of the courses I've taken?
A: When you purchase your QPCR subscription, you now are automatically enrolled in QPCR tracking. From the DASHBOARD link in the menu bar, select the black button labeled "Designations" then click on the QPCR "Requirements" button to see what courses you are enrolled in and your progress to date.  You may also use the Track Your Progress Worksheet.

Q: Do we need to attend all sessions within a course? What if we miss one?
A: QPCR courses are designed to be highly interactive and engaging, whether they are e-learning or virtual seminars. For this reason we strongly recommend registering for seminars when you can attend all sessions live. However, we do record each session so if something happens that you have to miss a portion, you can view the recording to complete the course. Otherwise a participant who missed a portion of a seminar wouldn’t be able to pass the course until the next time it was offered. These recordings are accessible to those who registered for the course and attended in person.

Q: Can I view recordings of courses I did not attend for credit?
A: The QPCR program is designed to provide the best virtual learning experience possible. To this end, "Introduction to" series courses and Business and Leadership Skill courses are designed for in-person attendance only. We offer each of theses courses on multiple dates and varied times to facilitate in-person participation from all around the world.

The learning environment is intended to be highly interactive and a "safe place" to openly discuss current challenges faced by corporate real estate professionals. These discussions, and the ability to be a part of the discussion, are intentionally limited to those who attend in person.  For this reason we limit access to those who attend in person.

"Essential Guide to Corporate Real Estate" series course recordings are offered once per year and are recorded for on-demand access the remainder of the year.

Q: How do we submit "Networking and Volunteering" hours? Are there details as to what counts? Does attending monthly CoreNet programs and CoreNet summits count? How do we measure the hours of networking if it is outside of the mentor match program? 

A: Great series of questions! Enroll in Networking & Volunteering Activity. Once you enroll, download the QPCR Activity Confirmation Form from the contents tab. Use it to track your participation in Chapter activities, CoreNet Global Summit and other networking and volunteer opportunities you participate in. Hours are measured in time spent participating in the activity. Unlike continuing professional development hours, which are limited to actual instruction time (excluding breaks/meals, etc.) participating in an entire activity counts. Additionally, there are volunteer opportunities at the Summit which will enhance your ability to get to know people while you are there. 

Q: How long do we have to complete the continuing professional development hours (CPD) required to maintain the QPCR professional designation? 1 year? 2 years? 
A: The QPCR requirements mirror the MCR renewal requirements. “Participation in continuing professional development as evidenced by one of the following options: 1) Attend a total of two CoreNet Global Summits or two-day professional development seminars; or 2) Complete 32 contact hours of professional development relevant to corporate real estate*; or 3) Continuously hold a valid Broker’s license* during the renewal period; and 4) pay a renewal fee." The fee will be modest but is yet to be determined.

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