What is the QPCR?

QPCR is a virtual, self-paced program designed to help you build a strong foundation in corporate real estate (CRE) and enhance your business and leadership skills. QPCR is designed for CRE professionals with up to 5 years of experience. This unique, professional designation gives you what you need to succeed:

  • Essential CRE knowledge
  • Business and leadership skills
  • Strategic and global awareness.

The QPCR aids you in your professional development by providing the following:

  • Personalized learning experiences through a variety of learning options.
  • Content delivery that can be completed 100% online. 
  • Choose from e-learning, live facilitated courses, or recordings of the live courses.
  • Complete 70 hours of content or 60 hours of coursework plus completing the Mentor Match program.

Regular Pricing USD $999 Members; USD $1499 Non-Members

The QPCR Subscription includes:

  • Full access to nearly 200 hours of QPCR content for two years
  • Acknowledgement of accomplishment at the Global Summit recognition event
  • Learning Concierge service to help personalize the program and guide the process

Purchase QPCR Subscription

Earn the QPCR

The QPCR Subscription package includes everything you need to earn the QPCR at one low price. 

QPCR Requirements

  • Complete a combined 70 hours of Corporate Real Estate Knowledge and Business & Leadership Skill content to earn your QPCR.
  • Faculty-led courses may be attended live or via recording to make it easier to learn on your schedule
  • Renew your QPCR professional designation by earning an additional 32 hours of credit every three years

Courses are available in these formats: 1) e-learning modules; 2) live facilitated courses; 3) recordings of live facilitated courses

You can view all of the currently available content here:

Available courses by category are listed here: 
Corporate Real Estate Knowledge
Business & Leadership Skills 

2023 Live/recorded course offerings include:

Corporate Real Estate Knowledge Courses

Introduction to MCR Course series
(4 hour courses)
Introduction to Corporate Real Estate Finance
Introduction to Corporate Real Estate Leadership
Introduction to Corporate Real Estate Technology
Introduction to Enterprise Alignment
introduction to Portfolio Management
Introduction to RE Impact on Financial Statements
Introduction to Workplace Strategy
Introduction to Data Driven Performance Improvement

Essential Guide to Corporate Real Estate series
(90 minute - 2 hour courses)
EG: Business Continuity Planning
EG: CRE: What's It All About
EG: Facility Management
EG: Finance
EG: Internal Partnering
EG: Location and Site Selection
EG: Organizational Models
EG: Performance Management
EG: Portfolio Management
EG: Project Management
EG: Property Life Cycle
EG: Sustainability
EG: Technology
EG: Transactions and Leasing
EG: Workplace Trends 

Business & Leadership Skills
(4.5 hour courses)
Building Strategic Thinking Skills 

(4 hour courses)
Building Winning Relationships
Introduction to Corporate Real Estate Leadership
Creating a Culture of Hospitality

Your progress is tracked as you go. From the DASHBOARD menu item, click the black "Designations" button to see your QPCR progress bar. Note, you must purchase the QPCR subscription to earn the QPCR professional designation. If you earn QPCR credit prior to purchasing the QPCR subscription, contact to upgrade to the QPCR subscription package at a reduced rate.