Communicating for Results On-Demand 2021

According to research, communication is the number one competency sought by employers, and a skill that separates leaders from lagers. Average communicators experience miscommunication, misunderstanding, and missed opportunities. But when effective communicators speak, people listen! This program uses workplace simulation, self-assessments, and small group discussions to help you recognize and overcome complex communication issues and enhance your ability to communicate effectively at work and beyond. Learn how to identify common root causes of personal and organizational miscommunication, recognize and compensate for factors that distort perception, convey information openly and respond to others effectively, and apply proven communication techniques to influence others.


Session 1
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Session 2
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Seminar Survey - Don Levonius Faculty
7 Questions
Communicating for Results - Assessment
10 Questions  |  3 attempts  |  8/10 points to pass
10 Questions  |  3 attempts  |  8/10 points to pass Please answer the following:
Communicating for Results - Certificate of Completion
4.00 hours credits  |  Certificate available
4.00 hours credits  |  Certificate available