Employee Experience Strategy: An In-Depth Case Study (Recording) 2022

Recorded On: 07/08/2022

This webinar is an in-depth case study of how Shell developed and implemented an enterprise-wide employee experience strategy. CoreNet Global Board Member Jeri Ballard will walk you through an eight-phase process from environmental scanning to measuring results. Jeri addresses the key question, "How do we maintain employee experience across the hybrid ecosystem?" Jeri will address Shell's strategy, introduce "Future of Work Playbooks," and describe how Shell developed employee personas to map the employee experience user journey. Learn about tools created across people, place, technology and employee feedback. She'll discuss the challenges of welcoming people back to the office, commute concerns, guidance to leadership for navigating conversations, technology enablement of hybrid meetings, and promoting cultural affiliation and sustainability.


Employee Experience Strategy (Recording)
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Open to view video.
Employee Experience Strategy Evaluation
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Employee Experience Strategy (Recording) - Certificate
1.00 hour credit  |  Certificate available
1.00 hour credit  |  Certificate available