Essential Guide: Business Continuity (Recording) 2022

Recorded On: 06/16/2022

Business continuity is a process designed to ensure the company’s critical operations will continue to function throughout an emergency and be restored to operational capacity as quickly as possible. Having evolved from an IT-centric process to ensure the operational viability of an organization, it now encompasses a wide range of functions. This seminar focuses on fundamental principles as business continuity interacts with CRE by: 1) identifying risks to a property’s availability during adverse circumstances and 2) developing protocols for CRE professionals and Facility Managers to implement in an emergency situation with the goal of restoring the property to operational status as quickly as possible. This seminar relates directly to Chapter 14 of The Essential Guide to Corporate Real Estate, published by CoreNet Global.


Essential Guide: Business Continuity Recording 2022
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Business Continuity - Assessment
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6 Questions  |  3 attempts  |  5/6 points to pass  |  Graded as Pass/Fail Please answer the following:
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2.00 hours credits  |  Certificate available